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We are Kasey + Daniel. I used to be a one-woman show until this cutie (who happens to be an amazing photographer) came along.


We are elopement, couple, and intimate wedding photographers based in Alabama.  We love to travel and capture special moments in beautiful places.  When you book a session with us, It's kinda like going on a double date!

We love to run, hike, camp, watch Star Wars, and talk about how being dog parents is the best :) 

I'm a part time Dietitian - I am super passionate about not being on a diet and embracing your body. Daniel is a science teacher and he loves to look at every animal (especially birds) he sees.

We are a great team together and we make sure to capture YOU as best as we can!



We are ALLLLL about making your wedding day be about you as a couple (not just a traditional wedding because you feel like you have to). 

We personally chose to have a small wedding  because it felt like us! The big wedding wasn't for us, and we're so glad we chose to go a different route. We loved taking our time with our wedding day, and we got more time to enjoy it, rather than being on a tight timeline. 

I love capturing the in-between, messy, fun moments - not just the perfect posed photos.

If this resonates with you, give us a shout! If you aren't sure what your vision is for your day, we'd love to chat and help you plan it. Your wedding day should feel right, and we would love to help.

(photo by Steph and Taylor Photo)

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